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IT Training Articles
A Plus Certification
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

The need for qualified computer technicians will be a constant now that computers are an integral part of our lives and employment. A Plus certification ensures that you have the skills needed to meet that need. Read More...

Computer Service Technician - Training & Careers
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

Certification is not that hard to secure. You can complete your certification in a matter of months depending on the program you choose. Some computer service technicians actually have no formal training at all (although this is not recommended if you want a lot of clients). Read More...

Computer Support Specialist - Training & Careers
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

The Department of Labor points out that there is no single established path for entry into this field. However, most employers will require a bachelors or associates degree in a computer or computer-related field. Read More...

Network + Certification - Network Support Professionals

Network + Certification If you have just started to work as an IT technician in network support or administration, then you need to seriously think about obtaining Network+ certification.

CompTIA Network+ Certification

CompTIA (the Computer Technology Industry Association) offers certification which is not associated with any specific product or manufacturer, and so trains and tests IT technicians in the generic skills that they need in their jobs, which can be applied to all similar positions using any relevant software or hardware.

Network+ certification deals with network administration andsupport, training in media and topologies, protocols and standards, network implementation and network support. By passing your Network+certification examinations you will demonstrate your ability to be successful in this technical area.

Network + Certification - Pathway to a Better Career

Skilled network support professionals are in demand, and this demand is likely to increase as the use of complex networks proliferate in business and government. Acquiring Network+ certification means that you have achieved a level of competence and knowledge that is recognized by employers, and thus you will find that more jobs will be open to you. You will find that Network+ certification is the first level of certification that you will need to build your career, and as it is a vendor-neutral qualification, it forms the base level for other relevant certification. IT is an area where demand is growing, and is likely to remain so as new developments come on line and require integration with present technology. With Network+ certification you will be well positioned to take advantage of this increasing demand for skilled and qualified technicians.