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Schools in Ohio

Ohio, or the "Buckeye State," as it is affectionately known, gets its name from the Iroquois word for "good river." Ohio's capital is Columbus, which also happens to be a wonderful college town and a fun and lively place to visit, with great shopping, good restaurants, and a growing artistic community.

Ohio's other cities, like Toledo and Cleveland, are also great places to live and study. Ohio is commonly referred to as the 17th state, joining the union in 1803, but a fun fact is that it actually didn't officially become a state until 1953! This was due to a bureaucratic oversight - Congress never actually voted on the resolution to allow Ohio to join the union until that later date.

Ohio is a proud farming state; 1 in 6 residents have an agriculture-related job. Ohio's official bird is the cardinal, its song is "Beautiful Ohio," and its flower is the scarlet carnation.