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Why Big Companies Want You To Be A Hacker

- The media tends to portray hackers as hyperactive supervillains whose idea of a good time is causing terror among the innocent. In reality, hackers fight more crime than they commit. Read on to learn what hackers really are.... More

Computer Consultant - Training & Careers

- Do you Need Training to Become a Computer Consultant? Absolutely. Not only will you need training, but you'll also need constant training.... More

Computer Hardware Specs Made Simple

- Home computers are nearly indispensable in America. Savvy consumers save money and time by knowing their computer hardware specs, so the new computer meets their needs.... More

Computer Languages and Applications

- Deciding on the right computer language for a particular application will be a key factor determining the success or failure of a project - and the development time.... More

How to Become a Computer Programmer

- Computer programmers design, test and implement detailed instructions (programs) onto computers. Find out what credentials you need to get started as a Computer Programmer.... More

How to become a Computer Scientist

- Most major universities offer computer science as a major. Many vocational or computer schools do as well. A degree in this or a related field is the bare minimum most employers will accept if you apply to become a computer scientist.... More

How to Become a Computer Security Specialist

- As a field, computer security is relatively new, so not all schools have an actual computer security degree. If you're wondering where to look, just start with the computer science department.... More

Relational Database Design

- The quest to create efficient and easy to use methods of storing all kinds of information is the focus of database design.... More

Software Engineering Careers

- Engineers looking for a field with a healthy career future may want to consider specializing in software engineering.... More