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Animation Art and Design

- From the latest blockbuster animation movie or the video game kids are lining up around the corner to purchase to television commercials and sophisticated Web sites, it seems that animation art and design is everywhere.... More

Animator - Training & Careers

- During animator training you'll master areas such as 2D and 3D art, storyboards, consumer psychology, character development, and other related fields. In addition, you'll have to master the latest software and computer programs as these will vastly improve your overall productivity.... More

Broadcasting Schools

- There are many career paths available in broadcasting. Opportunities await you in television and radio, in roles ranging from camera operation to production. Find out more.... More

History of Multimedia Development

- The term "multimedia" was first used in 1965 to describe a performance that combined music, lights, cinema, and performance art. In the history of multimedia development, technological advances have expanded the definition, and people have argued about how exactly the term should be used. Most people agree that the term... More

How to Become a Journalist

- A college education in journalism or mass communication can help you to find your first journalist job. Employers may be happy to accept other degrees and are likely to place weight on relevant experience, such as running a college newspaper or an internship in journalism.... More

Multimedia Careers

- Multimedia careers are great choices for creative people. If you do have artistic talent, and you are looking for a new sort of job that challenges you to combine different types of media, multimedia might be a great choice for you.... More

Multimedia Job Descriptions

- Multimedia job descriptions run the gamut, from very technical to creative-focused. If you are interested in a job in multimedia, the chances are good that you will find a good match for your talents and training.... More

Multimedia Salaries: How Much Can You Earn in Multimedia Career Employment?

- According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, multimedia web developers make around $51,750 to $74,520 per year.... More

Types of Multimedia Today

- Depending on your definition of multimedia, there are anywhere from hundreds of unique types of multimedia to around a dozen. The term "multimedia" originated in the art world, as a way to describe artwork that used several different media, such as charcoal, collage, video, or music. Its meaning grew more... More