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IT Training Articles
A Plus Certification
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

The need for qualified computer technicians will be a constant now that computers are an integral part of our lives and employment. A Plus certification ensures that you have the skills needed to meet that need. Read More...

Computer Service Technician - Training & Careers
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

Certification is not that hard to secure. You can complete your certification in a matter of months depending on the program you choose. Some computer service technicians actually have no formal training at all (although this is not recommended if you want a lot of clients). Read More...

Computer Support Specialist - Training & Careers
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

The Department of Labor points out that there is no single established path for entry into this field. However, most employers will require a bachelors or associates degree in a computer or computer-related field. Read More...

Microsoft Certifications - Training for IT Professionals

Microsoft Certifications If you want to make sure that your career as an IT technician is successful and progresses as you wish, then you need to make sure that you acquire the Microsoft certifications that are relevant to the work that you want to undertake.

Microsoft Certifications for every job

There are a whole range of Microsoft certifications available to help every kind of IT professional who works with Microsoft products. These include:

  • MCSA - Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, for technicians who maintain business solution networks and installations on a day to day basis.
  • MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, for technicians who look after installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of IT systems.
  • MCAD - Microsoft Certified Application Developer - for IT professionals who develop business and other applications.
  • MCSD - Microsoft Certified Solution Developer - for IT professionals who design applications using Microsoft products.
  • MCDBA - Microsoft Certified Database Administrator - for IT professionals who maintain and administer large networked databases that form the basis of networked applications.
  • Microsoft .Net Developer - for professionals who administer, install and maintain networks.
  • MOS - Microsoft Office Specialist. - for professional users of Microsoft Office products.

If you acquire any one of these Microsoft certifications, you automatically become a MCP - a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Recognition of Microsoft Certifications

Gaining one or more of the Microsoft certifications means that not only have you gone through some very thorough training in your specific area, but you also gain recognition of your experience, knowledge and abilities from your employers, your potential employers and your fellow professionals. This can really make an enormous difference to your job prospects, and today certifications - especially Microsoft certifications - are becoming necessary to enable you to progress in your career as an IT professional.