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IT Training Articles
A Plus Certification
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

The need for qualified computer technicians will be a constant now that computers are an integral part of our lives and employment. A Plus certification ensures that you have the skills needed to meet that need. Read More...

Computer Service Technician - Training & Careers
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

Certification is not that hard to secure. You can complete your certification in a matter of months depending on the program you choose. Some computer service technicians actually have no formal training at all (although this is not recommended if you want a lot of clients). Read More...

Computer Support Specialist - Training & Careers
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

The Department of Labor points out that there is no single established path for entry into this field. However, most employers will require a bachelors or associates degree in a computer or computer-related field. Read More...

MCSE Certification - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

MCSE Certification: Search this directory for information about MCSE Certification, and find the perfect campus or online degree program. Please request free information from as many schools as necessary to make the right decision for you - it is risk free and there is no obligation.

MCSE Certification Your career as an IT technician will really progress if you advance through MCSE certification. MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certification is designed for IT technicians who design and implement infrastructure for business solutions in installations that use one of the Microsoft Windows platforms - Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

MCSE Certification Subjects

If you decide to take the MCSE certification examinations, you will need to learn about installation, administration and maintenance of Microsoft software on your relevant Windows platform, and also about designing directory services, security and network structures for your installation. MCSE has the option of two specializations, security and messaging, so you can select the exams that are most appropriate to your particular job. Most IT professionals take MCSE certification when they have worked for some time in the technical environment, so that they can take advantage of learning theory that can be applied in the light of their own practical experience to their job.

MCSE Certification Careers

MCSE certification is usually pursued by systems engineers, technical support engineers, systems and network analysts, and technical consultants. You are likely to work in a larger organization, with many other technical professionals supporting complex networking infrastructures and many business applications. After gaining your MSCE certification, you will have a qualification that will be recognized by your employers and your fellow professionals, and will open up your career prospects because your technical expertise will be understood. Microsoft certification programs have really impacted on the way that employers recruit you as an IT professional and the way that they give promotion. It is increasingly important to have the relevant certification for the job that you do at the moment, and the job that you want to do in the future. MCSE certification is certainly a step in the right direction.