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The following legal articles offer explanations of different career options such as lawyers, court reporters, legal assistants, and homeland security experts.

Each legal article provides a description of the specific job, its salary, and job outlook, as well as the necessary education and training. Each legal article also provides a list of schools or online programs offering the necessary legal training.

So check out these legal articles and discover the possibilities of a legal career today!

Should I Go To Law School?

- Most people might think of law school as a strong investment toward a solid professional future, but reports indicate that law schools are falling behind the times. If your prospects include graduating with mountains of debt into a field of surprisingly slim career prospects, does becoming a paralegal or lawyer... More

Obscure Careers: Process Server

- "You've been served" isn't a phrase many people want to hear. But how much do you know about those that do the serving?... More

Court Reporter - Training & Careers

- The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) has set up programs to help court reporters receive the training they need. To become a voice writer, you can usually complete your education in less than a year. However, to become a true stenographer, it usually takes about 3 years (33 months) at... More

Forensic Scientists Solve Criminal Cases

- The forensic scientist is responsible for collecting physical evidence at a crime scene and analyzing it in the lab. Most forensic scientists choose to specialize in a particular area of forensic science, such as ...... More

How to become a Homeland Security Specialist

- A homeland security specialist program will give you both the theoretical and practical training you need for your future career. You can expect to study law, communications, and terrorism, both international and domestic. You will also focus on how to plan for safety, and how to react when public emergencies... More

How to Become a Legal Assistant

- There is no determined path in becoming a legal assistant. Many legal assistants are hired right out of college with little or no experience. However, your chances of finding a job increase with your knowledge of the law. There are a number of possible paths.... More

How to Change Laws in the USA

- While waiting for laws to change might make you feel like a child waiting for Christmas, laws do change. But not without major pushes from those in law making or legal administration. Anyone with knowledge of post-industrialization history knows that labor laws, for one, make up an ever-evolving entity.... More

Lawyer - Training & Careers

- There are three steps to becoming a lawyer, and the process can be very competitive. Potential lawyers must first graduate a four year college degree program before applying to law school. After being accepted to law school, students learn the fundamentals of the legal system, how to argue a case,... More

Private Investigator - Training & Careers

- Although many detectives have degrees, most also have relevant experience in private security, law enforcement or the military. If you wish to become a private investigator and want to know what to study, know that most people who want to become private investigators have some education in criminal justice or... More