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Did you know that 7 out of the top 30 fastest growing careers are in Information Technology? Moreover, most of these IT jobs are expected to grow by more than 25% over the next decade, making now the perfect time to find an IT career!

The following Information Technology articles will give you the information you need to find the IT career that is right for you.

A Plus Certification

- The need for qualified computer technicians will be a constant now that computers are an integral part of our lives and employment. A Plus certification ensures that you have the skills needed to meet that need.... More

Computer Service Technician - Training & Careers

- Certification is not that hard to secure. You can complete your certification in a matter of months depending on the program you choose. Some computer service technicians actually have no formal training at all (although this is not recommended if you want a lot of clients).... More

Computer Support Specialist - Training & Careers

- The Department of Labor points out that there is no single established path for entry into this field. However, most employers will require a bachelors or associates degree in a computer or computer-related field.... More

Computer Systems Administrator - Training & Careers

- To become a computer systems administrator you'll need to get a computer science bachelors degree or a related associate degree of some kind. Your employer will train you on specific aspects of the job. You'll need to understand many applicable computer systems, software, and hardware if you plan to offer... More

Database Administrator - Training & Careers

- There are many paths for entry into this field, but if you are serious about making this a career, you can greatly increase your chances if you study up on database programs like Oracle or one of the many SQL platforms. In addition, you should consider earning a degree in... More

How to Become a Computer Engineer

- Through coursework, you'll master software programming, electrical engineering, coding, site design, computer diagnostics, troubleshooting, and general repair and maintenance.... More

Information Systems Manager - Training & Careers

- If you aspire to be an information systems manager then a bachelor's degree in computer science or related subjects is a good start. You are likely to progress to management level via posts such as systems analyst, programmer, or computer support worker. Advancement to managerial level may require a technology-based... More

IT Project Management Training Factors

- Master IT project management by enrolling in IT project management training that'll prepare you with the necessary skills to consistently have quality IT project management. IT managers and directors, project managers, programmers, systems analysts, and staff members will benefit from...... More

The Best in Cisco Pix Training

- Cisco Pix training prepares you to become an expert on firewalls and Internet security. Internet security devices are becoming increasingly important to protect networks from the viruses and spy ware lurking on the World Wide Web.... More