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Schools in North Carolina

Take a look at North Carolina's state motto, which, translated from the Latin, means "To Be Rather than to Seem," and you'll have a good sense of what the residents of this state - the "Tarheel State" - are all about.

North Carolinians pride themselves on being friendly, direct and honest. North Carolina license plates say "First in Flight," which is a proud reference to the Wright brothers and their legendary first airplane trip from Kitty Hawk.

The state capital is the charming, historic city of Raleigh, but other cities, like Winston-Salem, Durham, and Charlotte are tourist attractions as well, serving up historical attractions and the delicious seafood cuisine that the state is famous for. North Carolina's state flower is the fragrant dogwood, and the state song is "The Old North State." The state got its name from King Charles I of England - "Carolus" is the Latin word for "Charles - and joined the union in 1789.