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Most teachers report job satisfaction, study shows

- The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher indicates that most teachers are satisfied with their jobs, despite the focus on the reduction in teacher satisfaction. Major changes in the American education system could increase teacher motivation and job satisfaction down the road.... More

Curriculum and Technology

- The field of curriculum and technology focuses on technological trends and how they are instructed in the classroom. With so many advances in technology over the past ten years, there has been an increased demand for technology instruction in K-12 education. State, federal, and corporate funding has been dedicated to... More

Education Administrator - Training & Careers

- The requirements for these positions vary by region and level. Most States will require you to become certified if you plan to teach in Elementary or High School. Most universities require at least a masters in your specific field.... More

How To Become a Teacher

- Through your training, you'll learn how to design curricula, lesson plans, and general coursework. In addition, you'll learn how to deal with various problems that might arise such as slow learners or discipline issues. In addition, you'll learn to provide feedback and helpful analysis to help your students grow and... More

Online Instructor - Training & Careers

- If you're a professional looking to make extra money or even a teacher looking to break traditional molds, online instruction may be for you. With growing online teaching opportunities, more professionals than ever before are taking online teaching jobs and reaping the benefits of an online teaching career.... More

School Counselor - Training & Careers

- Licensing and certification for school counselors can vary from state to state. However, all require licensing and the completion of some graduate course work in counseling, teaching or psychology. Most states require the completion of a master's degree. Depending upon your district, you may need both counseling and teaching certificates... More

Special Education Teacher - Training & Careers

- In general, most states require a bachelor's degree with a certification in education, along with classroom experience and special education preparation. Some districts require a master's degree in special education.... More

Substitute Teacher - Training & Careers

- Many districts are looking for people who already hold bachelor's degrees to work as substitute teachers. Depending on your state, you may have to pass a certification exam that demonstrates a basic competency in the arts and sciences.... More