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Accountant - Training & Careers

- Are you organized? Do you manage your time well? Are you methodical in how you accomplish the tasks you set for yourself? If you've answered yes to these questions then you might have some of the characteristics that make up a successful accountant.... More

Administrative Assistant - Training & Careers

- Unless you are a speed typist and know all of the major office software packages, you'll probably need to brush up on your skills by going back to school for a bit. True, many administrative assistants have no formal training, but employers increasingly require a broad range of skills and... More

CPA - Training & Careers

- Also known as a CPA, a certified public accountant is essentially a licensed accountant who has completed a certain level of accreditation and requirements. Whether for businesses or individuals, your job is to do taxes, balance the books, find deductions, and save your client as much money as possible.... More

How to Become a Human Resource Manager

Human Resource Manager Human Resource Managerst
- Because of the diverse roles that human resource managers undertake you have some choice in your education. Degrees in directly relevant areas such as personnel management, human resources, or labor relations offer an excellent training. You may also find employers who will accept a liberal arts degree and some will... More

How to Become a Marketing Manager

marketing manager marketing managerst
- Most marketing managers have college degrees. Many graduate with majors in psychology, marketing, or journalism. Some managerial jobs require a master's in business administration with a focus in marketing.... More

How to Become an Accountant

Accountant Accountantst
- Becoming an accountant is best achieved by taking accounting courses through an accredited program. You'll learn areas such as tax law, bookkeeping, basic arithmetic, economics, marketing, and other related areas.... More

Computer Consultant - Training & Careers

- Do you Need Training to Become a Computer Consultant? Absolutely. Not only will you need training, but you'll also need constant training.... More

How to Become a Computer Programmer

- Computer programmers design, test and implement detailed instructions (programs) onto computers. Find out what credentials you need to get started as a Computer Programmer.... More

How to become a Computer Scientist

- Most major universities offer computer science as a major. Many vocational or computer schools do as well. A degree in this or a related field is the bare minimum most employers will accept if you apply to become a computer scientist.... More

How to Become a Computer Security Specialist

- As a field, computer security is relatively new, so not all schools have an actual computer security degree. If you're wondering where to look, just start with the computer science department.... More

Food Critic - Training & Careers

- You are unlikely to find a degree program in food criticism, but you should certainly consider a culinary arts program to expand your understanding of the many aspects of professional catering. Courses in journalism or creative writing will also develop the skills you need.... More

Food Preparation Worker - Training & Careers

- You may be able to find a job as a food preparation worker straight out of high school, but you may wish to go further in your catering career. A diploma or degree program in culinary arts or a related field can prepare you to train as a chef or... More

How to Become a Chef

- Whether you a personal, gourmet, or pastry chef, the general job description is the same; make delicious food. As you study to become a chef, your training will focus on this singular task. However, depending on your clientele and location, you'll probably have additional requirements you'll need to consider during... More

Engineering Technician - Training & Careers

- Given the skill level involved, most employers will require that you possess at least a 2-year associate degree in engineering technology. You can complete this at most technical institutes, colleges, and universities. You'll master the necessary math, science, and engineering skills you'll need for success.... More

Most teachers report job satisfaction, study shows

- The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher indicates that most teachers are satisfied with their jobs, despite the focus on the reduction in teacher satisfaction. Major changes in the American education system could increase teacher motivation and job satisfaction down the road.... More

Education Administrator - Training & Careers

- The requirements for these positions vary by region and level. Most States will require you to become certified if you plan to teach in Elementary or High School. Most universities require at least a masters in your specific field.... More

How To Become a Teacher

- Through your training, you'll learn how to design curricula, lesson plans, and general coursework. In addition, you'll learn how to deal with various problems that might arise such as slow learners or discipline issues. In addition, you'll learn to provide feedback and helpful analysis to help your students grow and... More

Online Instructor - Training & Careers

- If you're a professional looking to make extra money or even a teacher looking to break traditional molds, online instruction may be for you. With growing online teaching opportunities, more professionals than ever before are taking online teaching jobs and reaping the benefits of an online teaching career.... More

How to Become a Journalist

- A college education in journalism or mass communication can help you to find your first journalist job. Employers may be happy to accept other degrees and are likely to place weight on relevant experience, such as running a college newspaper or an internship in journalism.... More

Hotel Manager - Training & Careers

- A degree program which offers courses such hospitality, hotel and restaurant management, catering, and business administration will lay a strong foundation for your career in hotel management. Hands-on experience of working in a hotel in a non-management capacity will also be useful.... More

Computer Service Technician - Training & Careers

- Certification is not that hard to secure. You can complete your certification in a matter of months depending on the program you choose. Some computer service technicians actually have no formal training at all (although this is not recommended if you want a lot of clients).... More

Computer Support Specialist - Training & Careers

- The Department of Labor points out that there is no single established path for entry into this field. However, most employers will require a bachelors or associates degree in a computer or computer-related field.... More

Computer Systems Administrator - Training & Careers

- To become a computer systems administrator you'll need to get a computer science bachelors degree or a related associate degree of some kind. Your employer will train you on specific aspects of the job. You'll need to understand many applicable computer systems, software, and hardware if you plan to offer... More

Database Administrator - Training & Careers

- There are many paths for entry into this field, but if you are serious about making this a career, you can greatly increase your chances if you study up on database programs like Oracle or one of the many SQL platforms. In addition, you should consider earning a degree in... More

How to Become a Computer Engineer

- Through coursework, you'll master software programming, electrical engineering, coding, site design, computer diagnostics, troubleshooting, and general repair and maintenance.... More

How to Become a Computer Network Administrator

- Given how important this field is, most employers will require that you possess extensive technical knowledge and experience. If you do not currently possess this knowledge, your best bet is to become certified through an accredited program.... More

Information Systems Manager - Training & Careers

- If you aspire to be an information systems manager then a bachelor's degree in computer science or related subjects is a good start. You are likely to progress to management level via posts such as systems analyst, programmer, or computer support worker. Advancement to managerial level may require a technology-based... More

Aircraft Mechanic - Training & Careers

- According to the Department of Labor, the FAA requires at least 1.5 years of work experience for certification. In addition, most aircraft mechanics have earned a 2 or 4-year degree from an FAA-certified school.... More

Auto Mechanic - Training & Careers

- You'll benefit from studying in a degree program where you will receive both classroom instruction and hands-on training. You'll learn every aspect of automotive repair, troubleshooting, maintenance, analysis, and even invoicing. In addition, you'll learn how to navigate the complicated computer programs that most auto mechanics use when making their... More

Cabinetmaker - Training & Careers

- While it is true that most woodworking professions require little or no academic training, if you want to become successful, you should probably go to school first. Making the cabinets, after all, is only half of the actual business.... More

Collision Repair Technician - Training & Careers

- According to the U.S. Department of Labor, most employers will only hire professionals who have received formal training in automotive repair. This is because today's cars use a tremendous amount of sophisticated computer technology. If you want to flourish as a collision repair technician, you'll need to understand the ins... More

Diesel Mechanic - Training & Careers

- Although many technicians received on-the-job training, the Department of Labor recommends completing a diesel engine training program since newer vehicles are becoming increasingly complex. In addition, many technicians get certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).... More

Drafter - Training & Careers

- If you are interested in pursuing this line of work, many major universities, technical institutes and community colleges offer the necessary coursework. You'll study basic engineering, art, mathematics, physics, and of course, drafting. In addition, you'll learn how to incorporate computer technology into your designs.... More

How to Become a Building Maintenance Mechanic

- A building maintenance mechanic is an all-purpose handyman for an entire building. In order to be successful in this field, you'll need both classroom instruction and hands on experience. Through accreditation, you'll learn basic wiring, plumbing, dry wall, and other related "repair" activities.... More

How to Become an Electrician

- There are several methods for becoming an electrician. The most surefire way is to find an apprenticeship program. An apprenticeship lasts between three and five years and prepares you with the skills he needs for the job. Similar to an apprenticeship program, you may also work as an assistant to... More

HVAC Specialist - Training & Careers

- While training is sometimes undertaken on the job, a technical school education or apprenticeship is often preferred by potential employers. Trade and technical schools as well as community colleges offer thorough HAVC training programs ranging from six months to two years.... More

Welder - Training & Careers

- It is possible to learn the basic welding process in a very short time, but there are a shrinking number of jobs available for self-taught or on-the-job trained welders. Most employers consider only trained and experienced welders for their project teams.... More

Advertising Manager - Training & Careers

- Most employers prefer to hire those with a background in advertising, journalism, marketing, consumer behavior, market research, communications, or art. If you do not have a bachelors degree in one of these fields, you should strongly consider going back to school.... More

Animator - Training & Careers

- During animator training you'll master areas such as 2D and 3D art, storyboards, consumer psychology, character development, and other related fields. In addition, you'll have to master the latest software and computer programs as these will vastly improve your overall productivity.... More

Graphic Artist - Training & Careers

- Talent on its own is not enough. To compete for graphic artist jobs you need a degree-level education. You should aim for a bachelor's degree in graphic art or design. Your degree program will combine training in traditional skills such as drawing and painting with in-depth work on computer aided... More

How To Become a Fashion Designer

- You should aim for a degree at at least associate level, and a bachelor's degree is of course even better. Expect to study design and drawing topics as well as many aspects of fabrics and textiles.... More

How to Become a Graphic Designer

- There is strong competition for design jobs. Just being talented isn't enough. You need a degree to enter this field. A bachelor-level graphic design program from any number of graphic design schools will train you in a wide range of graphic design techniques and how they are used in the... More

How to Become an Architect

- Every State (including Washington, DC) requires that you become licensed before you can call yourself an architect. If you want to become an architect, you'll definitely need to attend architecture school.... More

Industrial Designer - Training & Careers

- A bachelor's degree is required to enter this field. You can choose from fine art programs (which are more art-oriented) or design programs (which feature more industrial and manufacturing design courses). In either case you should ensure that you include classes in computer aided design and manufacturing as these will... More

Interior Designer - Training & Careers

- With around half of US states requiring interior designers to be licensed (which requires success in the National Council for Interior Design Qualification exam) education and training are of particular importance. To sit the exam you require six years of combined experience and education, with at least two being spent... More

Video Game Designer - Training & Careers

- Developers will need to concentrate on a range of programming languages such as C++ and Java. A number of schools offer degree programs in video game design as well as computer animation and graphical design programs. The field is a constantly expanding one as the popularity of computer based games... More

Anesthesiologist Assistant - Training & Careers

- You'll need to attend an anesthesiologist assistant program at an accredited university in order to secure a foundation knowledge. Thereafter, you'll have to pass the certification administered by the National Commission on Certification of Anesthesiologist Assistants.... More

Cardiovascular Technologist - Training & Careers

- Most clinics and hospitals require at least a 2-year degree in cardiovascular medicine. The first year is usually dedicated to coursework where you will learn chemistry, anatomy, biology, and other related sciences. The second year is usually more hands on training where you will learn either invasive or noninvasive monitoring... More

Certified Nurses Assistant - Training & Careers

- In addition to a high school diploma, you'll also need to complete a 6-12 week CNA training program where you'll learn all of the basics needed for the job. In addition, some states require an additional exam before you can start practicing as a certified nurses assistant.... More

Dental Assistant - Training & Careers

- While many dental assistants learn their training on the job, a good many complete dental-assistant programs. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the American Dental Association has approved over 250 accredited schools and programs for this purpose.... More

Dental Hygienist - Training & Careers

- Because of the broad scope of duties, it is not surprising that dental hygienists must be licensed in the State in which they practice. After dental hygiene school, candidates must take a two part test. There is both a written exam (administered by the American Dental Association Joint Commission on... More

Dental Laboratory Technician - Training & Careers

- Although most dental technicians learn their skills while on the job, many still go to school in order to improve their earning potential and employability. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, in 2002 at least 25 new programs were certified to teach dental laboratory technology by the Commission on... More

How to Become a Massage Therapist

- Not every state in the United States requires a massage therapy license--about half of them do however require a license. Of those that do, most states require between 500 and 600 hours of training at a certified massage therapy school.... More

How to Become a Medical Records Technician

- Medical records technicians tend to have an associate degree in the field. Courses include medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, medical law, coding, data processing, statistics, database management, and computer science.... More

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist - Training & Careers

- Medical coding and billing training usually requires one to two years of full time study. Colleges, tech schools, community colleges, and online education providers can supply the education you will need to become a medical billing and coding specialist.... More

Medical Laboratory Technician - Training & Careers

- Most often in order successfully to pursue a career as a medical lab tech you will have to have a bachelor's degree in medical technology or one of the life sciences.... More

Medical Office Administrator - Training & Careers

- In order to move into a position as a medical office administrator, you will likely need a master's degree. A degree in health services administration, long-term care administration, health sciences, public health, public administration, or business administration can give you a great start.... More

Medical Secretary - Training & Careers

Medical Secretary Medical Secretaryst
- To ensure success in securing employment as a medical secretary you should have some form of secretarial training. Many technical schools, community, and junior colleges offer certificates or associate degrees in office procedures.... More