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Biomedical Engineering Courses

- Biomedical engineers are interested in the development and testing of products and procedures that solve medical and health-related problems.... More

Civil Engineering - Training & Careers

- You should aim to earn at least a bachelor's degree to launch your career as a civil engineer. Expect to study a wide range of subjects in breadth and depth including: Engineering design, Fluid mechanics, Structural design, Engineering mathematics, and many more.... More

Electrical Engineering - Training & Careers

- Employers offering electrical engineering jobs will generally expect you to hold at least a bachelor's degree. An electrical engineer degree program will combine mathematical, scientific and engineering subjects to train you for this highly specialized field.... More

Engineering Management

- Management is an important level in any business, but managers in the engineering field have a particular set of responsibilities.... More

Environmental Engineering Courses

- In part due to the increased governmental regulations on engineering and the environment, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that environmental engineering careers are expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through 2014.... More

Genetic Engineering Careers

- Genetics is one of the fastest-growing fields in science.As geneticists study and develop new ways of looking at the world, genetic engineers apply their findings to business use.... More

How to Become an Electronics Engineer

- As with most engineering professions, you should aim to earn a relevant degree at bachelor level to prepare you for your first electronic engineering job. The content of electronic engineer degree programs varies by college. You will certainly take plenty of courses in electronics engineering.... More

How to Build a Suspension Bridge

- The name offers a strong clue to the construction. A suspension bridge is so called because the main roadway section of the bridge is suspended from enormous steel cables running down from a pair of towers and fixed into massive reinforced concrete blocks (called "anchorages") at each end of the... More

Mechanical Engineering - Training & Careers

- Not every state in the United States requires a massage therapy license--about half of them do however require a license. Of those that do, most states require between 500 and 600 hours of training at a certified massage therapy school.... More