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Healthcare Articles
5 Tips for Surviving the Toughest Nursing Classes
By : Jennifer Willson
Publish date : May 6, 2011

From first year anatomy to a specialized nursing continuing education class, nursing courses can be tough work. But a few key strategies can help you get through whatever nursing school throws your way. Read More...


A Psychology Degree is a Great Tool
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

A vast host of job opportunities are available to the person who possesses a psychology degree, and the type of psychology degree you choose to pursue should be based on your career goals for the future. Read More...

Addiction Counseling Skills
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

Effective addiction counseling skills can help treat addictions, which can be defined as any behavior or the use of any substance that is controlling a person's life. Find out how to acquire addiction counseling skills. Read More...

Nursing Schools - Training for Registered Nurses

Nursing Schools If you're looking for a career path that has both long-term employment potential and unequalled career satisfaction, our aging population should point you in the right direction -- to your choice of nursing schools. Nursing jobs will be among the medical careers that will see a rise in opportunities over the next few years. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects nursing jobs and other health-related employment to grow as fast as the average for all occupations through 2012. Enter nursing schools and your future job prospects can be expected to be among the most stable in all health-related careers.

What Nurses Do

A nurse's primary job is promoting health, preventing disease, and helping patients overcome or cope with illness, disease or injury. Nurses also develop and manage nursing care plans, educate of proper care procedures, and help patients improve or maintain health.

School Zone

With over 1000 state-approved programs and nursing schools providing training in practical nursing, getting well trained for a variety of nursing jobs should be within your reach. In addtion to nursing schools, the educational options also include technical schools, vocational schools, community or junior colleges. Other educational opportunities beyond entry level nursing positions can be obtained through nursing MBAs or a MA in nursing.

Education First

Entry-level nursing pograms take about one year to complete and include coursework and supervised patient interaction. Nursing school will provide students with a thorough understanding of nursing concepts, anatomy, physiology, medical-surgical assistance, pediatrics, obstetrics, psychiatric nursing, the administration of drugs, nutrition, and first aid. Finding the right program necessary to get a great nursing job isn't hard. You can all the information you need about the nursing schools and programs available in your area online.