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5 Tips for Surviving the Toughest Nursing Classes
By : Jennifer Willson
Publish date : May 6, 2011

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A Psychology Degree is a Great Tool
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

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Addiction Counseling Skills
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

Effective addiction counseling skills can help treat addictions, which can be defined as any behavior or the use of any substance that is controlling a person's life. Find out how to acquire addiction counseling skills. Read More...

Medical Coding Training - Insurance Billing Careers

Medical Coding

What is Medical Coding?

The documents that describe a patient's diagnosis, prescription or referral are known procedurally as medical coding. A critical place in health care, medical coding regulates the proper use of medical procedures and potentially protects patients from prescription conflicts. Your patient's medical history is important for consistent ongoing health care and medical coding specialists take this responsibility very seriously. Proper medical coding procedures have the additional purpose of ensuring correct patient billing and payment.

Study and Learning

Proper training is required to teach full understanding of medical records and their importance within any health care system. Training for your medical coding career is not just about administrative procedures and skills, however. You will also receive extensive knowledge in the subjects of anatomy, medical terminology and human physiology. Correct interpretation of a physician's notes is obviously critical to your patient's wellbeing. A formal program of study at college or university can usually be completed in about a year although there may also be smaller modules of coursework allowing health care professionals to upgrade or complete their training while working. Online training in medical coding may also be an option with some schools.

Employment Potential

All medical procedures and referrals require some written documentation, ensuring that there will always be a need for persons trained in medical coding. You can look for medical coding positions in every hospital, medical clinic, physician's office, nursing home or health care agency. Insurance companies who work with health care cases will also hire someone with medical coding experience either on a contract basis or as a full-time employee if the business is large enough. In hospitals and large agencies where more than one person is required for medical coding, there may be potential for advancement into a supervisory or management position.