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Accountant - Training & Careers
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

Are you organized? Do you manage your time well? Are you methodical in how you accomplish the tasks you set for yourself? If you've answered yes to these questions then you might have some of the characteristics that make up a successful accountant. Read More...

Administrative Assistant - Training & Careers
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

Unless you are a speed typist and know all of the major office software packages, you'll probably need to brush up on your skills by going back to school for a bit. True, many administrative assistants have no formal training, but employers increasingly require a broad range of skills and duties. Read More...

Certified Financial Planner - Training & Careers
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

With three years of work experience and a bachelor's degree, you are eligible to get a Chartered Financial Analyst certificate. The Certified Financial Planner credential covers different areas of finances: insurance and risk management, benefits, taxes and investments. If you pass both exams after a few years of studying, you are well on your way to becoming a certified financial planner. Read More...

Leadership Training Programs - Management and Leadership

Leadership Training Programs Leadership training programs are designed to give you the skills you need to determine and formulate policies to guide the overall direction of a company within the guidelines laid out by the board of directors or governors. All organizations, be they not for profit, commercial, government, or academic need effective management and leadership to ensure that people are working in the same direction together rather than in opposition. You could be responsible for the co-ordination of activities of your team, or whole company.

Leadership Training Programs Curriculum

Leadership training programs may differ slightly, depending on which school you apply to and your desired career path. You may be given the opportunity to tailor some of the courses towards your own personal set of requirements. You may learn about time management, client strategy formulation, professional development, executive human resources, business skills, managing change, and formulating company philosophy. There are usually case studies from real life situations that you and your fellow students can use to test your leadership skills and business acumen.

Leadership Training Programs Career Outlook

As a successful graduate of most leadership training programs, 'the world is your oyster.' That's to say, every hierarchical organization needs effective leadership and might need your input. Clearly, your experience and background will be taken into account for certain positions. You could find that many mid to senior level positions are available depending on your particular area of knowledge and skill set. The more experience you gain, the more valuable you could become within a particular industry

Some people who have benefited from leadership training programs and decades of experience in industry have found that these skills are highly transferable across industry sectors once a strategic level of organization has been reached. Since leadership is not industry specific, this type of role should be fairly insulated against a downturn in a particular market.