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From websites to television shows to music videos, multimedia is all around us. It is a powerful force in advertising and entertainment. More and more multimedia jobs are being created as multimedia becomes a bigger part of our lives. Multimedia job descriptions run the gamut, from very technical to creative-focused. If you are interested in a job in multimedia, the chances are good that you will find a good match for your talents and training.


Multimedia Information Systems Manager


The job description for a multimedia information systems manager is very similar to the job description for a regular information systems manager. You work with a team to manage a company's computer systems, especially their information storage, management, and retrieval. The multimedia part comes in with the type of information you manage. You work with multimedia content rather than content in a single media format.

Broadcast Designer

Broadcast designers usually work for television stations or design firms that specialize in broadcast design. They create all of the multimedia elements on television. For example, they might design an animated clip that advertises upcoming shows on the network, or a graphic aired every time a baseball game is on the network.


Web Designer

Multimedia web designers create websites that contain multimedia components. They need to know how different types of multimedia can work together to present information. Their goal is to create user-friendly sites that offer multimedia features to keep their audience engaged.


Career Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the job outlook for these multimedia jobs is good. They are projected to grow at least as fast as average, and some, such as multimedia information systems management and multimedia design, are expected to grow even faster.