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Animation Art and DesignFrom the latest blockbuster animation movie or the video game kids are lining up around the corner to purchase to television commercials and sophisticated Web sites, it seems that animation art and design is everywhere. As the technology necessary to create animation art and design continues to grow more advanced so, too, does the animation art and design itself, as well as the demand for professionals with technical and artistic sense to produce sleek, sophisticated, appealing, and entertaining animation art and design.

Although possible, it is rare to score a position in animation art and design with experience and raw talent alone. Although you may be more than capable of using all the latest technology associated with animation art and design, it is still a wise idea to pursue formal training in this growing, competitive field. With the proper skill set and knowledge provided in animation art and design school, you should be ready to hit the ground running in the pursuit of employment that allows you to use your varied technical and artistic abilities.

During school, you should not only learn all the latest, top notch tools of animation art and design, but also the principles of design, including drawing, color theory, character development, and more. Animation art and design school should also prepare you to market yourself to potential employers, with a thorough resume and a budding portfolio of animation art and design.

Once you have earned the skill set and credentials that come with a formal animation art and design education, you should be ready to pounce on the career opportunities that appeal to you, from creating video games or building movie characters to crafting story boards for commercials, TV shows, and more.