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Mechanical EngineerMechanical engineering jobs are some of the most wide-ranging in the engineering profession.  As a mechanical engineer you might work in research and development, as a designer, a test engineer, or in manufacture. You would be involved with equipment as varied as air-conditioning, automobile engines, production robots, and generators.  You could also design equipment for other engineering disciplines.  

Training as a Mechanical Engineer

Entry level mechanical engineering jobs usually require a bachelor’s degree.   A mechanical engineer degree program will offer you a broadly-based combination of science, mathematics, and core engineering subjects. While not all colleges offer exactly the same courses, you should expect to study topics such as

  • Principles of mechanical engineering
  • Materials science
  • Electricity and magnetism
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electric circuits
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Computing 

In addition you will be able to take courses in humanities and social sciences to broaden your educational base.

Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Once you have earned your bachelor’s degree, you will find an impressive range of mechanical engineering jobs to choose from. Mechanical engineers are the second largest engineering group (after civil engineers) and there were around 226,000 of them working in 2004. Mechanical engineering jobs are often found where there is industrial manufacture or mechanized production.If you have a creative flair, then you will find opportunities to design and develop engineering equipment.You may even end up working in technical sales, or engineering management.There are also significant opportunities in agriculture. Although manufacturing is predicted to decline, the demand for your services will be maintained. The need for more modern and efficient production equipment and the evolution of biosciences and nanotechnology should ensure your career outlook as a mechanical engineer well into the future.