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Civil Engineering Careers

- Civil engineers work to see their plans turn into massive roads, bridges, and structures.... More

Engineering Technician - Training & Careers

- Given the skill level involved, most employers will require that you possess at least a 2-year associate degree in engineering technology. You can complete this at most technical institutes, colleges, and universities. You'll master the necessary math, science, and engineering skills you'll need for success.... More

How to Get a Professional Engineering (P.E.) License

- To earn a professional engineering license you need to have an approved degree, four years of practical engineering experience, and pass a range of engineering tests set by your state.... More

Industrial Engineering Careers

- The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that industrial engineering careers are one of the more popular engineering specializations in the U.S., with 12% of engineers working within the field of industrial engineering.... More

Network Engineering - Training & Careers

- Network engineering jobs are generally awarded to graduates of a network engineer bachelor degree program. You will work on a wide range of subjects, including background mathematics and science. The core courses you will take will be network related.... More

Problems and Benefits of Building a Dam

- Dams can offer huge benefits in terms of electrical power generation and irrigation. Many massive dams worldwide are a tribute to the achievements of civil engineering and electrical engineering. These great feats of civil engineering are not without problems, however, and there are potential disadvantages as well as benefits to... More

Safety Engineering Careers

- Safety engineers are interested in applying their knowledge of engineering principles to keep workplaces and products safe for workers and consumers.... More