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Court Reporter - Training & Careers
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) has set up programs to help court reporters receive the training they need. To become a voice writer, you can usually complete your education in less than a year. However, to become a true stenographer, it usually takes about 3 years (33 months) at most schools. And keep in mind that some states require that you become a notary public before you can legally practice as a court reporter. Read More...

Forensic Scientists Solve Criminal Cases
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

The forensic scientist is responsible for collecting physical evidence at a crime scene and analyzing it in the lab. Most forensic scientists choose to specialize in a particular area of forensic science, such as ... Read More...

How to become a Homeland Security Specialist
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

A homeland security specialist program will give you both the theoretical and practical training you need for your future career. You can expect to study law, communications, and terrorism, both international and domestic. You will also focus on how to plan for safety, and how to react when public emergencies arise. Read More...

Legal Nurse Consultant Careers - Legal Nurse Consulting

Legal Nurse Consultant Legal nurse consultants combine their health-care expertise with a strong interest in the courtroom. They are frequently called by defense attorneys and prosecutors for their forensic or pharmacological knowledge to help resolve difficult criminal or civil cases.

Some nurse consultants have appeared at landmark criminal trials, including the Rodney King and O.J. Simpson cases, or at corporate litigation proceedings for suspected malpractice by drug or chemical companies.

Legal Nurse Consultant Training

Legal nurse consultants are registered nurses who have already worked in intensive care, obstetrics, emergency room, or other disciplines who then take on specialized training at legal nurse consulting schools. The schools offer on-campus or internet-based classes in legal ethics, toxic tort evaluation, personal injury cases, forensic science, legal writing, trial preparation, and more.

There are also specialized classes in legal issues stemming from medical practice in anesthesia, record tampering, low-back injury, product liability, automobile-related injuries, and malpractice in medical triage. To work professionally, graduates of a legal nurse consulting school must receive occupational certifications. Many also voluntarily take the certification exam initially implemented in 1994 by the National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants.

Legal Nurse Consultant Employment

Certified legal nurse consultants are contracted for work with private attorneys and corporate lawyers, but many find work outside the courtroom. Some take positions with hospitals and clinics, insurance companies, and government agencies. Many are hired to help provide quality assurance at pharmaceutical firms and chemical companies.

Jobs in the profession are expected to grow throughout the decade as more and more companies introduce medications and devices that are federally approved, reviewed, or contested in the courtroom or by government agencies.