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Film & Multimedia Articles
Animation Art and Design
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010
From the latest blockbuster animation movie or the video game kids are lining up around the corner to purchase to television commercials and sophisticated Web sites, it seems that animation art and design is everywhere.
Animator - Training & Careers
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

During animator training you'll master areas such as 2D and 3D art, storyboards, consumer psychology, character development, and other related fields. In addition, you'll have to master the latest software and computer programs as these will vastly improve your overall productivity. Read More...

Broadcasting Schools
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

There are many career paths available in broadcasting. Opportunities await you in television and radio, in roles ranging from camera operation to production. Find out more. Read More...

Interactive Media Training - Interactive Media Careers

Interactive Media Interactive media involves telecommunications channels that allow two-way exchange of information. The best understood application of interactive media is probably video games.

But, interactive media is certainly not limited to games. For example, interactive media may include computer tutorials, educational programs, and even interactive marketing.

Interactive marketing includes using different sources of media to exchange information directly with your target audience or consumers. Clearly, interactive media is a very diverse field.

Interactive Media Training and Education

Interactive media training is readily available from a number of sources. You can earn a bachelor's or master's degree in interactive media. An interactive media training program at a university may include such classes as digital video editing, critical theory and design.

It could also include classes in mass marketing, multimedia design, and communications, or any number of other classes depending on your emphasis. Each program has different tracks and emphases. There are also interactive media classes available online and some institutions even offer degrees online. The classes offered online are usually similar in subject to those offered in a university setting.

You may also supplement other courses of study with classes in interactive media, to improve your career opportunities.

Potential Job Outlook for Interactive Media

The potential job outlook for interactive media seems very good. As is the case with all technological fields, interactive media is advancing at a fast pace. Interactive marketing is becoming increasingly popular for both small businesses and large corporations.

The idea of being able to interact with your audience has long been an attractive idea, and now with interactive media it is becoming increasingly possible. For those people in the field who can keep up with the changing technology through ongoing interactive media training, job opportunities look good.