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Top Pastry Chef Careers

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Pastry ChefWhat Pastry Chef Careers are There?

Being a pastry chef is a very creative field. That’s why within the pastry chef career field there are numerous opportunities for you to express your particular range of skills, abilities, and creativity. Most pastry chefs do indeed begin their career as part of a team of line cooks. From there many pastry chefs rise through the ranks through experience gained or increased education to head chef positions. These roles often allow for far greater creative expression as well as the opportunity to mentor those below you. In a similar line there are pastry chef careers that others find to be more exotic because of their location. Examples of this would be working as a pastry chef in resort, spa, or on a cruise ship. Pastry chefs who work for catering companies often find that they enjoy the diversity afforded to them in this role. If you are interested in a more intimate setting then you would likely find working as a pastry chef for an individual household to be appealing. A new trend in this venue also includes working for a group of households. This would involve traveling between homes and would limit the familial interaction.


Will I Find Fame and Fortune in my Pastry Chef Career?

Of course as in any career there is the appeal of fame and fortune. These roles in the pastry chef career path would be recipe book authors, pastry chef competitor winners, and pasty cooking show hosts. To give yourself the best opportunity to move into your ideal pastry chef career, keep in mind that increased education increases opportunity.