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Certified Cooking School Programs

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Across the US there are more than 100 cooking school programs that are recognized by the American Culinary Federation. Upon completion of a course from one of these accredited institutions you can become a certified culinary specialist.

While a good number of these programs are available through vocational schools, there are also many associate and bachelor’s degree programs for learning to cook.

What Do Cooking Schools Teach?

As you might guess, the largest portion of your cooking school education will be taken up with hands on experience in the kitchen and market. You will learn various styles of food preparation.

Techniques for knife work, proper ways to mix, and the proper tools for every job are also learned in the kitchen. You will learn the various terminologies that pertain to cooking such as the difference between slicing, dicing, and chopping. However, that is not where your culinary school education will stop.

Courses included in most cooking school programs include food health and safety guides, safe handling of food, and regulations for cleaning kitchen equipment. You can also expect to be taught the proper handling, sanitation and storage methods for all of the tools you use for food preparation.

Business courses, computer applications for chefs, nutrition, dietary related disorders, specialized meal planning, and organizational skills are also taught. With this mix of well rounded course work, you are sure to come away from cooking school ready and eager to step into your first position.

If you are going to learn how to cook as a career choice than choosing the right cooking school can be the best ingredient for success.