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Catering Sales Manager Jobs

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Catering Sales ManagerCatering Sales Manager Jobs 

If food is your passion and you have some business savvy, you may want to consider a career as a catering sales manager.

Market the Party: What a Catering Sales Manager Does

For many large organization such as hotels, banquet halls, convention centers, or even country clubs, someone has to oversee the planning and sales of all the catering operations. In a catering sales manager job, you would be responsible for conducting sales and marketing the catering operation of your organization.

What You Need For a Catering Sales Manager Job

 A catering sales manager is much like any other event planning job, with a twist: you have to know your food. There are many avenues to such a career, but a demonstrated love of food is a prerequisite. After all, your job will entail talking about it almost nonstop.

Though many catering sales managers have previous experience in catering almost always involving cooking, it is also possible for you to get such a job with some event planning experience, great menu ideas, creativity, and most importantly, top people skills. You will have to meet with clients to sell your venue and menus, and an effective ability to communicate enthusiastically about your product is very important.

Where Do I start?

Though there is no formal education for such a job, you can boost your resume with classes from culinary schools, as well as business classes. You can also receive a certification called Certified Professional Catering Executive (CPCE), which will give you a comprehensive education related to catering. In addition, several culinary schools offer classes aimed at future catering sales managers.