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Schools in New Mexico

New Mexico makes a big claim with its state motto, declaring itself to be a "Land of Enchantment." To be sure, that's a lofty statement. However, just about anyone who visits this state will tell you it's no stretch of the truth - some people joke that it's actually the "land of entrapment;" the state is so beautiful that visitors find themselves unable to leave.

Bordering the country of Mexico, beautiful New Mexico combines Mexican food, cultural influences, and architectural styles with an American flare. Mexico's capital city is Santa Fe; other cities are Albuquerque and Roswell, to name a few.

The state is famous for its dry heat and its beautiful vistas; New Mexico is geographically very diverse. Its flower is the yucca flower, and its state song is "O, Fair New Mexico", or "Asi es Nuevo Mejico." The official bird is the roadrunner, made famous by the cartoon of the same name. And New Mexico even has its own state cookie, the tasty Bizcochito, which is an anise-flavored shortbread served during the holidays.