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Schools in Nevada

"Home Means Nevada," is how the state song goes, and if you choose to go to this great state for college, you'll be singing this tune soon as well. The word 'Nevada' comes from the Spanish 'Sierra Nevada,' or "snow-covered mountain range," a wintry description which may surprise some people who view it as California's neighbor and assume that it therefore shares the same hot weather.

In truth, it depends entirely on what area you're visiting; the weather can change quickly. Nevada is known as the "Sagebrush State," and it's famous for tourist destinations like Las Vegas, the gambling and entertainment Mecca, and beautiful Lake Tahoe, which shares a border with California. Nevada's motto is the patriotic, "All for our country."

Because it offers many tourist hotspots, as well as a proximity to California, many prospective college students will find Nevada to be a very attractive option.