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Schools in Minnesota

Minnesota's nickname is the "Bread and Butter State," a tasty reference to the wheat, flour and dairy products the state is famous for. The state's official motto is "L'etoile du nord," or "star of the north," which certainly makes sense, given its location as one of the northernmost states in the country.

Minnesota is a great state to live in, as it offers many attractions; you can embark on everything from antiquing to canoeing to lake boat tours, camping, hiking, and more. Visit the state's lowest point - Lake Erie - or the highest summit, at Eagle Mountain. You can also wander through cities like St. Paul, the capital city, Duluth, Bloomington, or the fun, artistic college town of Minneapolis.

Minnesota's name comes from the Dakota Sioux word for "sky-tinted water," which is a fitting reference to the state's many lakes. The state bird is the loon, which can be found swimming in those same lakes. Its state song is "Hail! Minnesota."