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Schools in Maine

When you drive into Maine on the highway, you'll pass by a big sign that says, "Welcome to Maine: The Way Life Should Be." And though you won't find this saying on the state flag or license plates, this is how many Maine residents feel about their state.

In Maine, which boasts excellent skiing, sightseeing, sailing, and summer sports, the pace is slow and relaxed. Maine's capital city is Augusta, but its largest city is Portland, which many have compared to a "mini-Boston," with boutiques, excellent restaurants, public markets, and a thriving artistic community. Maine's nickname is the "Pine tree State," and its Latin motto, "Dirigo," means "I Direct." This authoritative motto underscores Maine's independent spirit.

Once a part of Massachusetts, Maine's residents are extremely proud of their state and don't like being told what to do! Nearby Canadian cities like Montreal and Quebec City are only a few hours away from central Maine - a travel opportunity many college students take advantage of.