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Schools in Louisiana

Louisiana is a state with an abundance of history and flavor, not the least of which can be found in its spicy Creole cuisine and its French roots, with historic cities like New Orleans. Named after French king Louis XIV, the state's capital is Baton Rouge, or 'red stick' in French.

The climate in Louisiana is subtropical, making it an ideal - and warm! - place to attend college. With cities like New Orleans, Shreveport, and Baton Rouge, there is always something to do. Louisiana's official flower is the fragrant magnolia, which flowers throughout the state.

Its state bird is the eastern brown pelican, which is featured on the state flag; the banner depicts a mother pelican and her nest, surrounded by the words "Union, Justice, Confidence." There are two official songs; "Give Me Louisiana," and, in what is, perhaps, a nod to the state's warm weather, "You Are My Sunshine."