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Schools in Iowa

Iowa, or the "Hawkeye State," as it is known, is a wonderful place to head for college. Also nicknamed the "corn state" because it ranks first in corn production in the nation, Iowa's rather musical-sounding name comes from the Dakota Indian word "Ayuhwa," or "sleepy ones," referring to a local tribe of that area.

Iowa first became a state in 1846, becoming the 29th state to do so. The capital is Des Moines. Originally founded as a military outpost, Des Moines is now a lively, bustling city and a college town, at that.

Iowa has beautiful scenery, from great farms to beautiful rivers - the state is flanked by the Mississippi and the Missouri. Iowa has a total population of just less than three million people. Its state flower is the wild rose, and the official bird is the eastern goldfinch. The state song is, fittingly enough, "The Song of Iowa."