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Schools in Illinois

Contrary to popular opinion, Illinois' capital is Springfield, not Chicago. But whether it's Chicago, Springfield, or any number of other university towns and cities located somewhere in between, most people agree that Illinois is a wonderful place to go to college.

Illinois is sometimes called "Land of Lincoln," because President Abraham Lincoln spent three decades there, leading up to the time he entered the White House. It's also nicknamed the "Prairie State," and its state motto is "state sovereignty," although the name Illinois derives from the Algonquin language, meaning "Tribe of Superior Men." Illinois' state bird is the cardinal - but you'll find the baseball team of the same name in St. Louis, not Illinois!

The state song is called "Illinois," and the state flower is the native violet. One of Illinois' largest cities, Chicago, is an international hub with much to offer in the fields of business, culture, art, and commerce.