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Schools in Idaho

Many people associate Idaho with potatoes, because it's one of the state's biggest crops. Idaho's rich, volcanic soil is ideal for growing potatoes, and the state made it official in 2002 when they declared the potato the official state vegetable.

You won't find "potato country" on any Idaho license plates, however - its nickname is actually the "gem state," which derives from E Dah Hoe, meaning "gem of the mountains" in Native American dialect. Idaho became the 43rd state to join the union, in 1890.

With beautiful landscapes, more than 2000 lakes, and several fun and interesting towns, Idaho is a great place to attend university. Idaho's capital is also its largest city, Boise. The state song, penned by Sallie Hume Douglas, is called, appropriately enough, "Here We Have Idaho," and its state bird is the mountain bluebird. The state flower is the Syringa, also known as the 'Mock Orange.'