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Schools in Hawaii

Many prospective university students find that Hawaii is an extremely attractive location to attend college. Its natural beauty and warm weather are well advertised, and it should come as little surprise to anyone that this state is often referred to as the "Paradise of the Pacific".

But there's more to Hawaii than sandy beaches and sun. Hawaii is comprised of eight major islands, the biggest of which is called Hawaii, but which also includes islands like Oahu and Maui, to name just two. The state is geographically isolated, located 2400 miles from the coast of California, and 3800 miles from Japan.

Hawaii was the 50th state to attain statehood, becoming part of the United States in 1959. Three of its largest cities are Honolulu, which is the capital, and Hilo, and Kailua. Hawaii's state bird is the "nene," a special breed of Hawaiian goose, and the official flower is the Pua Aloalo, a beautiful type of hibiscus which grows throughout the islands.