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Culinary Articles
A Catering Sales Action Plan
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

A good catering sales action plan will help you define the scope of your business, identify you target consumer audience, and determine your staffing needs. It will also help you determine what you will need to start up and develop a set of business goals. Read More...

Being a Pastry Chef is Rewarding
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

Working as a pastry chef definitely has it rewards as well as its challenges. Could this be the culinary career for you? Read More...

Catering Sales Manager Jobs
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

For many large organization such as hotels, banquet halls, convention centers, or even country clubs, someone has to oversee the planning and sales of all the catering operations. In a catering sales manager job, you would be responsible for conducting sales and marketing the catering operation of your organization. Read More...

Pastry Chef Schools - Pastry Chef Training

Pastry SchoolsEverytime you put your mouth around a delicious piece of cheesecake or dip your spoon into an exquisite crème Brule, you are enjoying the creation of a pastry chef. 

Pastry is the art of the sweet. Pastry chefs attend pastry schools where they learn the production process behind cream puffs, pies, pastries and more. 

Pastry chefs learn how to mold chocolate and fondant as well as spin sugar.  At pastry chef schools, you will learn how to create the sweet concoctions that end every fine meal.

Pastry Chef Schools around the World

There are many pastry schools all across the globe, and while all of them provide a solid basic education, each one certainly has its own specialty.  Some pastry chef schools may focus more on breads and rolls, while others may specialize in chocolate creations. 

Pastry chefs must be creative, patient and dedicated.  They must also have excellent manual dexterity, because they do so much fine, detailed work with their hands.

The Future Forecast for Pastry Chef Employment

Pastry chefs are employed by fine restaurants, hotels, caterers and bakeries.  Some pastry chefs may run their own patisseries, orbakeries, making anything from a simple sweet roll to creating magnificent, multi-tiered wedding cakes.  Pastry chefs, like other chefs must have a background and education in their craft to be competitive in the field. 

A degree from a pastry chef school is essential for individuals who desire to compete for the top positions.  Opportunities for pastry chefs, especially those working in restaurants and hotels will grow as the trend toward eating out instead of at home also continues to grow.