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Culinary Articles
A Catering Sales Action Plan
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

A good catering sales action plan will help you define the scope of your business, identify you target consumer audience, and determine your staffing needs. It will also help you determine what you will need to start up and develop a set of business goals. Read More...

Being a Pastry Chef is Rewarding
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

Working as a pastry chef definitely has it rewards as well as its challenges. Could this be the culinary career for you? Read More...

Catering Sales Manager Jobs
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

For many large organization such as hotels, banquet halls, convention centers, or even country clubs, someone has to oversee the planning and sales of all the catering operations. In a catering sales manager job, you would be responsible for conducting sales and marketing the catering operation of your organization. Read More...

Culinary Schools - Culinary Arts Careers

Culinary Schools are where the great chefs become great.  At culinary school, sometimes called culinary arts school, you learn the business of food production from beginning to end. 

Whilea great part ofthe curriculum focuses on attaining skills in food production, you will also learn about the business end of culinary arts as well.  You may be able to choose between classes in catering, banquets, restaurant management or hospitality management.

At culinary school, you may choose to focus on pastry or a traditional regional cuisine.  No matter what you choose, a culinary school education is of great value to any person who wishes to enter the culinary arts industry.

Your Culinary Career

If you want to turn your love of cooking into a lucrative career, the first step is to find a culinary school that fits your needs.  Even though you may make a mean truffle, you probably still have a lot to learn with regard to food science, nutrition, mass food production, and ingredient properties. 

If you are interested in starting your own restaurant, it is critical that you have some education in restaurant management and personnel supervision.  And besides, the best jobs in the industry go to people with a degree or certificate from a culinary school or institute.

The Future for Culinary School Graduates

As people increasingly choose dining out over eating at home, the demand for people with a culinary school background is growing as well.  As the workday gets longer and our time gets shorter, the convenience ofdining out is especially appealing. The opportunities for chefs, cooksand other culinary arts professionals will continue to be plentiful and grow as people increasingly opt for dining out rather than dining in.