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Culinary Articles
A Catering Sales Action Plan
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

A good catering sales action plan will help you define the scope of your business, identify you target consumer audience, and determine your staffing needs. It will also help you determine what you will need to start up and develop a set of business goals. Read More...

Being a Pastry Chef is Rewarding
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

Working as a pastry chef definitely has it rewards as well as its challenges. Could this be the culinary career for you? Read More...

Catering Sales Manager Jobs
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

For many large organization such as hotels, banquet halls, convention centers, or even country clubs, someone has to oversee the planning and sales of all the catering operations. In a catering sales manager job, you would be responsible for conducting sales and marketing the catering operation of your organization. Read More...

Cooking Schools - Culinary Arts Schools

Cooking schools, also known as culinary arts schools or culinary arts institutes, are essentially theCulinary Arts - Cooking Schools equivalent of a university-level education for people who plan to enter the food industry.

At cooking schools across the globe, students learn from master chefs about food or pastry preparation, ingredient properties and presentation. 

Another component of a cooking school education is learning about the business end of the food industry.  With a degree or certificate from an accredited cooking school, you can enter a number of fields.

Career Options after Cooking School

Once you have completed your degree or certification program at the cooking school of your choice, you will be ready to jump into your career.  You may choose to go into catering, which demands not only great food, but excellent presentation and logistics as well.

You may opt to try your hand as a restaurant chef, planning the menu and working behind-the-scenes managing the restaurant personnel.  You may also choose to go into the pastry field, creating sweets for all kinds of occasions.  These are just a few of the possibilities that will be open to you upon graduation from cooking school.

Forecast for Cooking School Graduates

The forecast for graduates of cooking schools or institutes is relatively good.  Competition for chef jobs in the high-end market is keen, therefore a diploma or certificate from a cooking school is a must if you want four-star fame.

Outside the gourmet circuit, opportunities will increase as well.  This is primarily due to the fact that American families are increasingly favoring the convenience of dining out over cooking at home.  The time is now to enroll in cooking school and make your passion more than just your pastime.