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Culinary Articles
A Catering Sales Action Plan
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

A good catering sales action plan will help you define the scope of your business, identify you target consumer audience, and determine your staffing needs. It will also help you determine what you will need to start up and develop a set of business goals. Read More...

Being a Pastry Chef is Rewarding
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

Working as a pastry chef definitely has it rewards as well as its challenges. Could this be the culinary career for you? Read More...

Catering Sales Manager Jobs
Publish date : Mar 25, 2010

For many large organization such as hotels, banquet halls, convention centers, or even country clubs, someone has to oversee the planning and sales of all the catering operations. In a catering sales manager job, you would be responsible for conducting sales and marketing the catering operation of your organization. Read More...

Catering Schools - Catering Careers

Catering schools are often found as a department or division within a culinary arts institute, focusing primarilyCatering Schools on catering.  Catering schools offer the same basic core classes as other concentrations in the culinary arts.

Classes in chemistry, nutrition, technique and many more are a part of the basic core.  Classes specific to catering are added on to complete the course of study.

And no culinary arts education would be complete without hands-on application.  Most catering school students will have the opportunity to try their hand at the craft many times while still in school before they move on to the professional world.

Catering to Each Client

Caterers basically provide the food for events.  From galas to weddings to corporate lunches, caterers bring the food to you.  They also usually provide the dishes, tables, chairs and servers if necessary.  Caterers are judged not only on the quality of the food they provide, but on the presentation as well. Caterers must make displays and decorations to fit the event theme and the space.

Caterers must consider everything.  They must be prepared for inclement weather if the event is to be outside.  They must consider whether or not children will be present and create an adequate menu for them.  Caterers do much more than just bring in the food.  Efficiency and service are another important part of the catering business.

Where Caterers Work

Caterers are hired to work in catering companies, hotels, restaurants and large businesses and organizations.  Catering is a flexible field and individuals can often choose their own hours.  Caterers do, at times, have to work late into the night or early mornings depending on the event.

Caterers with training at a catering school certainly have an advantage over their colleagues when it comes to obtaining high-profile events.  Clients expect perfection when it comes to catering their events.